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Cardiac Consultations and Physical Examinations

All patients examined by JVCC will recieve a comprehensive cardiac physical examination.  In addition, we will review past history, medical records, and previous diagnostics performed including bloodwork, electrocardiograms, and radiographs.  All results and interpretations will be provided to the veterinarian in charge of the case in the form of a detailed referral letter.



Patients will receive a full echocardiogram by a board certified veterinary cardiologist.  JVCC does not use ultrasound technicians.  New and recheck examinations are available. 



All patients undergoing an echocardiogram will receive a simultaneous electrocardiogram at no additional charge.  Multiple lead ECG recording is available as well.

Ambulatory Electrocardiography (Holter and Event Monitoring)

For patients needing further evaluation of arrhythmias, advanced ECG monitoring is available.  Holter and Event monitoring can help to further evaluate the frequency and severity of an arrhythmia, and help determine if an arrhythmia is responsible for the clinical signs in a patient. 


Pre-breeding Screens (OFA)

Confirming heart health prior to breeding is important, and JVCC offers cardiac screening for animals used in breeding programs.  These examinations are intended to screen animals for congenital or aquired cardiac disease prior to breeding.  These examinations are not intended for patients with known cardiac disease, clinical signs related to cardiac disease, or animals that are ill.


Therapeutic Options
  • Pericardiocentesis

  • Thoracocentesis

  • Abdominocentesis

Puppy being ausculted.
Doppler echocardiogram image
3 lead ECG
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