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Frequently Asked Questions : Referring Veterinarians


Why choose Jackson Veterinary Cardiology Consultants?

JVCC is dedicated to providing excellent service to their referral parteners and their patients.  Our goal is to provide you with accurate and timely cardiac consultations to give you the detailed recommendations you need to manage your cardiac patients long term.  We are available to support you throughout the course of disease, from asymptomatic animals to advanced heart disease.  We are available for more than just echocardiograms; our goal is to provide comprehensive cardiology care to your patients including recheck appointments if needed.  JVCC understands the demands of private veterinary practice and we want to help you expand the excellent service you already offer.


How do I schedule an appointment?

Contact us Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am -noon to schedule an appointment. Appointment requests should be made through the RDVM portal (link upper righthand corner of the page). If you are new to JVCC and need to create an account to log on, please contact us.  


Do you meet directly with clients?

We do not meet directly with clients as all appointments are scheduled as a drop off. The results of all diagnostics performed will be given to you in the form of a verbal report and a detailed referral letter. 


Do you offer same day emergency appointments?

Same day appointments will depend on daily availability.  An emergency fee may apply.  If 24 hour care is needed, we recommend referral to the closest 24 hour emergency hospital.


What services do you offer, and what are your fees?

Our current service list and associated fees will be displayed once you log-on to your RDVM portal.  If you do not have RDVM portal access, please contact us for log-on information or to receive a complete list of our services and fees.  Fees vary depending on the service selected.

What diagnostics are required prior to the appointment?

No diagnostics are absolutely required prior to the appointment.  Dr. Jackson recommends that animals with suspected heart disease have a blood pressure reading.  If respiratory signs are present, then thoracic radiographs are recommended.  If cardiac medications are needed or if an animal is having collapsing episodes, then full bloodwork including electrolytes are typically recommended.  Dr. Jackson will perform a complete cardiac physical examination on each patient and review any prior diagnostics completed.  All pets will receive and echocardiogram and an ECG (lead II during echocardiogram or 3-lead ECG).

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