Pets develop heart disease too


Jackson Veterinary Cardiology Conulstants is here to provide specialty cardiology consultations to primary care veterinarians.  If your pet has abnormal findings on a physical exam, then your veterinarian may recommend a consultation at their clinic.


Some reasons to look for heart disease in your pet may be:

  • a heart murmur

  • an abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia)

  • coughing

  • abdominal swelling

  • difficulty breathing

  • difficulty exercising

  • fainting/collapse episodes

  • breed predisposition



Frequently Asked Questions


In an Emergency     



- Echocardiography
- Electrocardigraphy

- Pre-anesthesia screens

- Pre-breeding screens
- Pericardiocentesis
- Abdominocentesis
- Thoracocentesis


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Fax - 916-236-3409


Pet owners: I can only answer medical questions about your pet if I have previously met with you.



Monday through Thursday

9am - 5pm PST

Friday 9am-12 noon PST

Pet Owners: JVCC is a consultation service and does not have a hospital.  Contact your veterinarian or an emergency hospital if your pet is having an emergency.

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